Chromite additions

The use of a good system of dosage and addition of the chromite into the ladle nozzle guarantees not only savings in the consumption of this material, but also the good working of the plugging with high levels of safe for the staff.

The automatic Chromite addition system has been developed in order to adapt to other existing structures and to different ways of approaching of the ladle. In each project the technical staff of Danieli Procome designs specifically the best structure for the installation and implements the most suitable type of feeding chute.


  • This system of automatic Chromite addition into the ladle offers a great number of advantages in the face of manual systems:
    • Great accuracy of the feeding operation and therefore material consumption reduction..
    • Quick and safe operation.
    • Cleanness of tapping hole fully guaranteed.
    • Visual check of tapping hole via high definition TV set.
    • Full guarantee of a perfect, complete powder filling of the casting ladle nozzle.
    • Easy integration in the existing level automation of the steel plant.
    • Very low maintenance.
    • All operations are remotely controlled by means of a screen/zoom HD video-camera
    • Short pay-back time

    The table and the graphic below show how the installation of an automatic Chromite addition can improve the consumptions and the cost for this material.
    For this comparison has been considered the following basic data:

    Heats / Day Working days/year Powder price (€/kg)
    33 270 0,70

    . Actual consumption Future consumption SAVINGS
    Kg/heat 30 11 19
    Powder consumption (kg/year) 267.300 98.010 169.290
    Powder coost (€/year) 187.110 68.607 118.503

     Comparative: Chromite consumptions

    • Main powder tank, specially designed for powder bag self-cutting where loaded.
    • Powder tank equipped with low level sensor.
    • Dosing system is done by means of a screw conveyor which feeds an intermediate hopper equipped with load cells.
    • Systems on board: hydraulic, compressed air, electric, earth, CCTV for nozzle check and whole system.
    • Possibility to fit a ladle nozzle blow blowing system for proper cleaning.
    • Supporting steel structure with stairs, platforms, handrails, duly anchored to the foundation.
    • Feeding tube manipulator robot, hydraulically actuated, completed with limit switches and hydraulic unit. Possibility of remote tuning of tube movements thanks to the camera monitoring.
    • Control of the system can be done from local panel or from operator’s control cabin.

    Chromite additions

  • This solution is equipped with a retractable curved feeding chute, actuated by an independent hydraulic unit. Vertical and horizontal movements of the feeding chute can be done to reach the right position of the ladle nozzle. Movements are controlled remotely thanks to the camera monitoring.

    Chromite additions curved solution

  • This solution is equipped with a retractable straight feeding chute, actuated by means of pinion rack system. Once the ladle is located in the right feeding position, the feeding chute descends to feed the powder to the ladle nozzle.

    Chromite additions straight solution

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