Update of DRI and ferroalloys addition system for EZZ Steel

It’s designed by Danieli Procome for Sadat City Plant (in Egypt) and includes several improvements for saving materials. It will be fully operational in May 2018.

Danieli Procome is helping EZZ Steel to improve the furnace addition systems in its Sadat City Plant, in the North of Egypt, where 1 million ton of rebar products are produced every year. The plant will modernize the equipment of raw material handling, both for D.R.I (Direct Reduced Iron) and for ferroalloys.

The Project consists of solution design, new equipment supply, supervision of the assembly and start-up, including several tests to validate the correct working of the equipment. According to the plan, the new installations will be fully operational in May 2018, 14 months after signing the contract.

Mahmoud Taha (Plant Manager – EZZ Steel) and Sami Mahmound (Rep. Office GM – Danieli) shaking hands during the contract signing


The upgrade of the Sadat City Plant focuses on the storage, conveying and dosage installations of the D.R.I through the EAF 5th hole. In addition, this gives us an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of the ferroalloys system; Moreover, these high cost elements are essential to adjusting the features and quality of the steel.

Thus, the daily operation of both areas will be optimized. Concerning the ferroalloys, the accuracy of the additive mix will be improved, which will result in the standardization of steel quality and in the generation of a substantial saving in the volume of the additive used.

In addition to the reduction in heat losses, the D.R.I addition through the EAF 5th hole will allow a bigger versatility in the raw material management. In this way, the percentage of scrap and D.R.I for the furnace feeding could change depending on the market price for these raw materials.

Of the different proposals for improvement considered, finally it banked on bringing the D.R.I storage to the plant and on supplying the dosage, conveying and addition of equipment. Steps have also been taken to increase the reduction of dust, the D.R.I inertisation, ...

Among others, equipment such as weighting hopper, vibrating screen, vibrating feeders and belt conveyors standard, shutter, dosing and elevating ones, will be replaced or the new ones will be installed. These latter will include a “Dust Control kit” to reduce the particle emission volume, inherent to handling of this type of materials.

During the design phase, the update of the addition systems was a challenge. The technicians from Danieli Procome had to take into account not only the best solution but also the viability of it, in relation to the existing facilities. Their experience in this type of situations allowed them to overcome successfully this task.

In order to ensure the perfect fit between the existing installations and the new proposal, a virtual integration of the design with the real environment was made for the first time. By means of the superposition of a 3D plant scanning and the new equipment, it has been possible to verify the correct connection of both layers.

It’s not the first time that EZZ Steel relied on Danieli to improve its plants.

Danieli, also, designed and installed solutions for other EZZ Steel plants, such as Alexandria, Suez and the 10th Ramadan City.


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